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Tank & Silo Level Measurement Solution Packages

Tank & Silo Level Measurement Solution Packages

Application problem: With ever increasing supply chain stress it was of the upmost importance for our client to monitor their stock levels easily and accurately within their cement silos to ensure uninterrupted production, and to maintain their high levels of through put. The client required level measurement of 3 cement silos, with the levels displayed…

Hawk Conveyor Health Monitor

Conveyor Health Monitoring System

Application problem: Conveyor belt failure is common and results in process downtime, and loss of production. The conventional method of diagnosing issues is to have a member of the team walk the belt line listening for audible abnormalities that indicate a belt or idler failure. This method is time consuming, infrequent, and open to human…

Lime Powder + Lime Slurry Level Measurement

Lime Powder Silos and Lime Slurry Level Measurement

Application problem: The client was experiencing intermittent problems with radar transmitters on two vessels, measuring Lime Powder in the silo and Lime Slurry in the makeup vessel. The lime powder is conveyed from the delivery truck into the silo via pneumatics. Conveying via airline causes friction and causes a small increase in temperature in the…

Brick Manufacture - Blocked Chute

Brick Manufacturing Plant – Blocked Chute Detection

Application problem: The brick manufacturer was experiencing blockages during the production process at the base of their feed hopper, resulting in costly production delays and plant shutdowns to clear the material. Solution: Utilising HAWK Gladiator Admittance Switch technology proven for these applications, the Gladiator remote variant (controller and probe separated) was selected allowing the controller…

IOT Remote Monitoring River Level Flood detection

IOT Remote River Flood Detection

  Application problem: A customer was looking for a reliable, cost effective level measurement device suitable for a remote, solar & battery powered remote telemetry installation. The system would be mounted out doors and needed suitable ingress and environment protection ratings for all types of climate.The unit would be mounted on a bridge overlooking a…

FlaktWood Heat Exchanger Cover

Flakwoods Rotary Heat Exchanger Replacement Parts

Flakwoods Rotary Heat Exchanger Replacement Parts. Replacement Flakwoods Motor Controller and Drive Motors


SIEMENS S7-300 TO YASKAWA VIPA 300S+ Part Number Cross Reference

SIEMENS S7-300 TO YASKAWA VIPA 300S+ REQUEST A QUOTE SPEED7 Integrated – Processor and Ethernet interface TIA Portal programmable Flexible, mixed operation with Siemens modules.

Milk Pasteuriser Machine Control and Process Automation

Milk Pasteuriser Machine Control and Process Automation

A Process Automation upgrade was required by this client to take their already proven existing Milk Batch Pasteurisers to a new level of simplicity and ease of operation. Our client approached us with their original design, and the scope of what they wanted to achieve. The system was required to take a batch of milk…

Canning Line Machine Control and Process Automation Cover

Canning Line Machine Control and Process Automation

Our client approached us requiring a control and process automation solution for a new canning line project. This canning line was to be capable of labelling, filling, seaming and quality checking 25 cans per minute. Control Requirements Included: Variable Speed Conveyor Control Motor Control 16 Pneumatic Solenoids 24 Feed Back Sensors Load Cell Weight Measurement…

Jet Fuel Atex Hawk Centurion Guided Wave Radar

Atex Level Measurement Jet Fuel – Hawk Centurion Guided Radar

  Application problem: The customer had previously tried competitors’ level technology but the units were not operating reliably because jet fuel has dielectric constant of 1.3 and is extremely flammable. Detecting materials have low dielectric constant (dK) always been a challenge for radar technology. The customer required a volume measurement. Therefore two measurement points were…

Praetorian Perimeter Security

Asset and Perimeter Security using Fiber

  In today’s world threats to both military and civilian infrastructure are constantly evolving and subsequently so too must the technology that protects them. Cameras still monitor most perimeters of critical infrastructure and even with advances in modern software Human interaction is still required. A low cost solution capable of automatically and continuously detecting and…

Settlement Tank Sludge Level Measurement Hawk Sultan Sonar

Primary Settlement Tanks Sludge Level Measurement

Welsh Water approached us to help them find a solution to automate the de-sluging process of their primary settlement tanks. Automation was require to reduce down time and maintenance costs, high sludge levels were causing damage to the scrapers resulting in expensive replacement parts to be source from the USA and up to 3 days…