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Asset and Perimeter Security using Fiber

In today’s world threats to both military and civilian infrastructure are constantly evolving and subsequently so too must the technology that protects them. Cameras still monitor most perimeters of critical infrastructure and even with advances in modern software Human interaction is still required. A low cost solution capable of automatically and continuously detecting and reporting nefarious activities near a perimeter is desperately required.


Distributed Acoustic Sensing uses a fiber optic interrogator mounted in a server room and connected to fiber optic cables which are buried and perimeter fence mounted. These act as a linear bank of “microphones” that are used to detect the noises made by movements.

When installed using covert buried fiber, intruders will not even be aware that they have been detected. Fiber optics are invisible to metal detectors, not affected by electromagnetic interference or by adverse weather and are configurable for immunity to the cut fibers.

A single Fiber Optic Sensing system can continuously monitor a perimeter up to 80km in length and can be installed on existing fiber infrastructure. Fiber Optic Sensing operates independently or with a security network to alert security teams in real time, where an intruder is attempting to penetrate the perimeter within a meter allowing security teams to effectively respond without alerting the intruder, leading to a higher chance of apprehension.

Unique in the market

The Praetorian Fiber Optic Sensing system by HAWK is unique in its ability to analyse and identify in-field signals and report alarms directly to security staff by filtering environmental noises and ignore false positives generated by normal conditions.

Praetorian also employs advanced pattern recognition software in order to categorise return alarms (personnel walking, vehicles moving, fence climbing, etc) and give the intruder a GPS tag identifying speed and direction of travel.

With all of this information at your fingertips Praetorian means that your perimeter has never been better monitored.

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