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Conveyor Health Monitoring System

Application problem:

Conveyor belt failure is common and results in process downtime, and loss of production. The conventional method of diagnosing issues is to have a member of the team walk the belt line listening for audible abnormalities that indicate a belt or idler failure. This method is time consuming, infrequent, and open to human error.


Hawk's Conveyor Health Monitoring System, is a single site wide solution that is able to detect when the conveyor system is starting to fail, for example idlers or ripped belts.

The Health Monitoring System, offers a centralised warning system, allowing an operator to see a complete health status overview of the site.
The system can detect abnormalities in conveyor idler performance that other technologies cannot, identifying the exact failing idler over 50miles (80km), up to 20 days in advance.

Early detection of an impending failure allows operators to schedule downtime and maintenance in a controlled manor, a stark contrast to unplanned catastrophic failures.

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