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Milk Pasteuriser Machine Control and Process Automation

A Process Automation upgrade was required by this client to take their already proven existing Milk Batch Pasteurisers to a new level of simplicity and ease of operation.

Our client approached us with their original design, and the scope of what they wanted to achieve.

The system was required to take a batch of milk to pasteurisation temperature as quickly as possible, maintain that temperature for a user programmable amount of time and then cool.

The system required 3 different automated program operations allowing the customer to:

  • Batch Pasteurise Milk
  • Batch Pasteurise Milk and make Cheese.
  • Batch Pasteurise Milk and make Yoghurt.

We deigned and built a complete cost effective control and process automation panel that could be used with the clients existing pasteuriser design. The backbone of the control system utilises Field's 500 series programmable controller, paired with a Touch Screen HMI for simple but powerful operation.

Process Control Scope:

  • PID control of the water jacket, for cooling and heating via 3phase immersion heaters.
  • PID of the product temperature
  • Input control of product fill level
  • Input for E-Stop monitoring
  • Input for Vessel lid monitoring
  • Input for System Fault Reset.
  • Output for product fill control valve
  • Outputs for two cooling control valves
  • Analogue output for speed control of variable speed drive for the stirrer.

Bespoke software was written allowing the Batch Pasteurisers to run an automated sequence allowing the Pasteuriser to; fill, pasteurise, dwell if require for yoghurt or cheese, and then cool the product without out any user intervention unlike the clients previous generations of pasteuriser control.

A simple user set-up screen was created on the HMI allowing the customer to configure their pasteurisation recipes and store them easily.

Once a recipe was configured this could be easily recalled and then once started allows them to monitor the progress and data of the pasteurisation as it takes place.


Finally once the prototype was commissioned, tested and proven with the customer we were then able to review the panel specification allowing us to offer a simple menu of different panel configurations they could repeatedly order depending on the size, specification and power supply requirements of the users installation.

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