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Atex Level Measurement Jet Fuel – Hawk Centurion Guided Radar

Application problem:

The customer had previously tried competitors’ level technology but the units were not operating reliably because jet fuel has dielectric constant of 1.3 and is extremely flammable. Detecting materials have low dielectric constant (dK) always been a challenge for radar technology.

The customer required a volume measurement. Therefore two measurement points were used across the horizontal tank as it was at a 2 degree angle.

The installation is classed as a hazardous location requiring electronics to be explosion proof. The input requirements are intrinsically safe low voltage.


HAWK Centurion Guided Radar (CGR) is designed to detect materials with dK lower than 1.3. HAWK CGR unit has been installed and successfully commissioned on site and is measuring continuous level of jet fuel in the horizontal tank. CGR unit has been reliably and accurately monitoring continuous level and accurately providing readings in volume (liters) as requested.

The HAWK CGR is hazardous rated with IECEx, FM, CSA and ATEX for Gas and Dust explosion.

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