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Tank & Silo Level Measurement Solution Packages

Application problem:

With ever increasing supply chain stress it was of the upmost importance for our client to monitor their stock levels easily and accurately within their cement silos to ensure uninterrupted production, and to maintain their high levels of through put.

The client required level measurement of 3 cement silos, with the levels displayed locally in tons.

Level measurement within cement silos is inherently challenging, due to the large volumes of dust generated when the product is blown into the silo. High levels of dust mean it is undesirable to use contactless level measurement devices as readings are often inaccurate due to the dust obscuring the sensor.


Hawk Measurement’s Centurion guided wave radar provides the solution to this problem. It's industry leading abilities to measure product with very low dielectric constants (≥ 1.5 DK) like cement powder, allows for high accuracy measurements unaffected by dust.

The installation simplicity of the Centurion guided wave radar results in little to no production downtime during install. Cement powder has very liquid like fluid dynamics, meaning the flexible probe can be dropped into the silo and will sink through the product, allowing it to be installed no matter the product level within the silo. Finally, the transmitter head can be screwed into the threaded port on the top of the silo.

The client required local display of the silo levels, therefore as part of the package a panel was specified with 3 level measurement displays and integrated power distribution for the 4-20mA loop power transmitters to make installation hassle free.

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