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Brick Manufacturing Plant – Blocked Chute Detection

Application problem:

The brick manufacturer was experiencing blockages during the production process at the base of their feed hopper, resulting in costly production delays and plant shutdowns to clear the material.


Utilising HAWK Gladiator Admittance Switch technology proven for these applications, the Gladiator remote variant (controller and probe separated) was selected allowing the controller to be installed locally in the control room for convenient monitoring.

Using the Gladiators relay outputs as a control input into the clients PLC, the clay feed control could drop out of auto when a blockage is detected, and restart automatically then the chute was cleared.

Ordering information:

1 x AS2200S111TB15XP10 Gladiator Remote Admittance Probe
1 x GSASUS Gladiator Remote Amplifier
1 x CA-GMR50 (50m connection cable)

For more information on the product used in this application

Brick Manufacture - Blocked Chute Feed Conveyor
Brick Manufacture - Blocked Chute Inside