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Oil & Gas Applications

Utilising DSC, SCADA, and Telemetry to communicate critical assets process and status information between systems, operators and sites while maintaining critical safety integrity levels.

Tank Level Measurement - Hawk Measurement MiniWave

Tank Level Measurement – Hawk Measurement MiniWave

The Miniwave is a cost effective, loop powered Ultrasonic Level Transmitter designed for a reliable continuous level measurement of liquids up to 12 metres (40ft). Do you have storage tanks that need level measurement? Are you looking at offering your end user with a value added service of inventory management? Do you have tanks in…

Pump Protection Emotron M20

Pump Protection – Emotron M20 Shaft Power Monitor

Pump Protection is of the up most importance when it comes to protecting, pumps, machines and processes against abnormal conditions. Installing the Emotron M20 is one of the cheapest, fast and most reliable ways of protecting your pump! Unlike conventional Amp / Current protection monitors, the M20 Shaft Power Monitor achieves accurate and repeatable results…

Field 5000 Series Critical Alarm Monitor

Field 5000 Series Alarm Monitor Replaces: Rosemount; 4000, 4001, 4002, Peek Measurement 4400, Thermo Measurement 4400 .

If you currently have installed a obsolete Peek Measurement, Rosemount or Thermo Measurement 4000 series Alarm Monitors. We would like to draw your attention to the following information:   4000 and 4400 series alarm monitors are becoming increasingly difficult to support due their age and obsolescence. The result of this is spares are hard to…

Rosemount 4001 Alarm Monitor

Rosemount 4001 Replacement Project – Field 5000 Series Alarm Monitor

Application problem: The Client Reckitt Benckiser Pharmaceuticals go in contact looking to source replacement channel cards for their Rosemount 4001 Alarm Monitor. This model went out of manufacture in 1990 therefore it is no longer possible to get spare parts. As a result when the unit failed it led long process downtimes of up to…