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Tank Level Measurement – Hawk Measurement MiniWave

The Miniwave is a cost effective, loop powered Ultrasonic Level Transmitter designed for a reliable continuous level measurement of liquids up to 12 metres (40ft).

Do you have storage tanks that need level measurement? Are you looking at offering your end user with a value added service of inventory management? Do you have tanks in remote locations where power supply is an issue?

Choosing the right level instrument for the application is the key for reliable reading. Hawk Miniwave is a simple 2 wire low cost, accurate, robust level measuring instrument. Low power consumption allows the Hawk Miniwave to be power from a small solar panel for remote installations.

This can be packaged by us to provide a complete remote telemetry solution that consists of a level sensors, solar panel, battery backup, single or multi-channel RTU that can communicate via radio or 3G/4G.

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