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Pump Protection – Emotron M20 Shaft Power Monitor

Pump Protection is of the up most importance when it comes to protecting, pumps, machines and processes against abnormal conditions.

Installing the Emotron M20 is one of the cheapest, fast and most reliable ways of protecting your pump!

Unlike conventional Amp / Current protection monitors, the M20 Shaft Power Monitor achieves accurate and repeatable results by using a patented algorithm to achieve true shaft horsepower.

Once a known load level as been detected under normal operating conditions by the M20 using the auto set feature, any deviation from this can be detected. The conditions include:

  • Overload
  • Jams
  • Under load
  • Pump dry running
  • Pump cavitation.

The Emotron M20 has 4 level of protection:

  • underload pre-alarm
  • underload main alarm
  • overload pre-alarm
  • overload main alarm

These set points can be adjusted, independently of one-another so that operation is customised to the application to ensure complete protection of the driven equipment.

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