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Hawk Measurement G1 Microwave Switch

Principles of Operation

A high power circular polarized Microwave pulse is emitted from the Sending unit to the Receiving unit in a transmission chain of approximately 100 pulses per second. If the path between the Sender and Receiver is blocked by any object or material which absorbs or reflects microwave energy the Receiving unit will no longer detect the complete transmission chain and indicate via Relay for automatic indication and process control requirements.

Typical Uses

• Blocked chute detection

• Nucleonic switch replacement

• High level alarm / Low level alarm

• Truck / machine detection.



• State of the art circular polarisation

• Simple sensitivity adjustment and calibration

• IECEx ta tb IIIC T* Da Db

• Theoretical range up to 300m (984ft)

• Simple ‘1-minute’ setup application presets

• Relay outputs: Integral (1 + failsafe)

• Remote test function

• Adjustable ON and OFF delays (0-20 sec)

• Remote 3G Hawklink connection option

• Bright visual status indication on sensors

• Independent housing alignment after mounting sensor.


Measurement Range Max

300 Metres (984ft)

Power Requirements

12-30V DC, 90 to 250V ac (50-60Hz)

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