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Hawk Measurement Rotational Switch

Principle of Operation:

The Hawk Measurement Rotational Switch, is a point level switch with a rotating measuring vane is driven by a brushless synchronous motor. Once the material level reaches the vane, it stops rotating, which is detected by a micro switch to stop the motor and switch the level output. Once the material level begins to fall and the vane is free of material the motor will restart and the vane will rotate again.

Primary Areas of Application:

  • Plastic Industry – powder, granular, pellets etc
  • Building Industry – lime, Styrofoam, molding sand, urea,  cement, gypsum, crushed rock
  • Food Industry – milk powder, flour, salt, sugar, minerals, herbs, grain
  • Paper & Pulp Industry – wood chips, saw dust etc
  • Chemical Industry – rubber, coating, foam
  • Steel Industry – iron ore, coal, coke, sand, fluxes


  • ATEX and FM approvals for use in dust explosion areas
  • No calibration
  • High reliability
  • Robust
  • Wide range of applications
  • Enclosure rating IP66/NEMA 4
  • Friction clutch – protects gears against mechanical blows to the vane
  • Two different probe lengths
  • Selectable sensitivity for low density powders

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