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Hawk Measurement TRANSMIX-ID: Identifying liquid interfaces in pipelines

Principle of Operation:

All Liquids have a Unique Acoustic Fingerprint. Acoustic technology allows for the detection of fluid levels inside closed containers or pipelines, in both land and subsea operations. The unit measures acoustic velocity, impedance (attenuation), material density and other acoustic metrics. The Transmix-ID can be installed at key stages (along millions of miles) of pipeline and can determine the moment a gas or fuel type is no longer blended. This critical real-time validation reduces the consequential loss in the runoff of thousands of gallons of product. With the Transmix-ID, you can know the temperature, pressure and contents of material flowing through the pipeline.

The Transmix-ID™ is a clamp-on sensor capable of detecting and identifying liquid interfaces in flowing pipelines. The Transmix-ID™ technology is so revolutionary, it can decipher the difference between 87 Octane Gas and JP-8 Fuel when both liquids are flowing through a pipe. The non-intrusive unit can fit to any size pipe or container and is independently powered. The Transmix-ID™ is equipped with WiFi, Cellular or Satellite communications (or any combination thereof). The cloud-based monitoring portal identifies the liquid flowing through the pipeline and reports issues in real-time to even the most remote areas.

HAWK is the Global Sales Partner for Perceptive Sensors Technology (PST). Patented by Perceptive Sensor Technologies (PST), these real-time fluid identification sensors have a very unique capability not found in any other sensors available on the market today. Identifying liquids and potentially gases (future) inside a closed container, pipe, or vessel without coming in contact (non-intrusively) with the liquid or gas.  HAWK is the Global Sales Partner for Perceptive Sensor Technologies.

Primary Areas of Application:

  • Oil & Gas
  • Energy
  • Power Generation
  • Chemicals and Petrochemicals
  • Water & Wastewater


  • Non-intrusive design, installed on the outside of the vessel, pipe, tank, etc.
  • Large ROI (1x-5x) with up to 50% transmix waste reduction and huge savings in operational downtime
  • Capital purchase or lease options available
  • WiFi, Cellular and Satellite Options
  • Real-time transmix interface information
  • Small footprint (wraps outside of pipe)
  • Instrisically safe design
  • Low Power (battery or hard wired)

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