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Hawk Measurement Sultan Sonar System

Principle of Operation:

The Hawk Measurement Sultan Sonar System uses Advanced Sonar Technology to measure and control Waste Water Clarifiers and Thickeners. The system is easy to use and the innovative design provides critical plant control to optimize performance. In the water, wastewater industry process conditions will vary greatly between a primary sedimentation tank, secondary / final clarifier and a gravity thickener. Thickener bed levels, secondary RAS blanket, flocculent blanket etc, all have different densities and the water above these interface levels are subject to different process conditions that change.

 Primary Application Areas:

Water & Wastewater:
  • Primary Sedimentation – Blanket level measurement
  • Secondary and Final Clarifiers – RAS Blanket layer level measurement
  • Sequential Batch Reactors – Blanket level measurement monitoring (floating sonar)
  • Lagoons – Sludge Bed Level measurement
  • Lamella Clarifier – Sludge Bed Level measurement
  • Filtration
  • Gravity Filtration
  • Gravity Settling


  • User friendly configuration to track specific densities
  • Tune Sensor to 5 preset factory densities or fine tune to the required density in-situ
  • Sonar transducer developed to optimize detection of heavy and light density interfaces
  • Easy calibration to track specific density interfaces, eg: RAS blanket – 4g/l, floc / fluff layer – 1g/l, Bed 10g/l+
  • Industrial scum cleaning mechanisms that do not require maintenance
  • No wiper blade assemblies
  • Wide range of communications: Modbus, HART, Foundation, Fieldbus, DeviceNet, Profibus DP and Profibus PA
  • 3G remote support capability for calibration, commissioning or technical back-up from HAWK Service Engineer
  • 5 Relay alarms
  • 1640 feet (500 metre) separation possible between transducer and Sultan Sonar transmitter.

Measurement Range Max

15 Metre (50 ft)

Power Requirements

12-30V DC, 90 to 250V ac (50-60Hz)

Transmitter Outputs


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