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Hawk Measurement Centurion Guided Radar

Principle of Operation:

Hawk Measurement Centurion Guided Radar technology sends the radar pulse down a probe to measure liquids & liquid interface (low to high dielectric layers). The pulse hits the surface of the first layer (low dielectric layer) and is reflected back up the probe. The pulse continues to the second interface (high dielectric layer) and is then reflected back to the probe. The transit time for both layers is translated into a distance using time of fight and time expansion.

Primary Areas of Application:

  • Chemicals level measurement
  • Petrochemicals level measurement
  • Cement level measurement
  • Building Aggregates level measurement
  • Mining / Minerals level measurement
  • Food & Beverages level measurement
  • Oil & Gas level measurement
  • Pharmaceuticals level measurement
  • Pulp & Paper level measurement
  •  Wastewater level measurement


  • Interface level measurement
  • Up to 18.5m (60ft 8in) range
  • Very short minimum range (150mm, 6”)
  • Simple setup
  • Auto-Calibration to any dielectric ≥ 1.5
  • Adjustable Sensitivity
  • Precise & continuous accuracy
  • 14-28VDC
  • Modbus
  • Protection class IP66, NEMA 4x
  • Measures extremely low dielectric (1.5)
  • Programmable fail safe mode

Measurement Range Max

18.5 Metres (60ft)

Power Requirements

14-28V DC

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