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Emotron VFX Drive

Emotron VFX variable frequency drive (VFD) optimises the operation of your cranes, crushers, mills and mixers. Your process is protected from damage and downtime and you benefit from reduced installation, energy and maintenance costs. Emotron VFX variable frequency drive is ideal for dynamic applications. Direct torque control, accurate speed control and efficient vector braking offer reliable control of, for example, cranes, crushers and centrifuges. The series covers motor powers of up to 3,000 kW.

Available in both IP54 certified enclosure as well as IP20/21.

Efficient and protective starts and stops

Emotron VFX drives ensures efficient and protective starts. Reduced start currents result in smaller fuses, cables – and energy bills. Torque can be boosted to overcome initial peak loads. Integrated vector braking ensures quick and controlled stops, increasing not only productivity but safety as well.

Optimised operation and full control

The direct torque control reacts extremely quickly to eliminate disturbances due to abrupt load changes. A built-in load monitor and a unique Load Curve Protection function protect your process by immediately detecting any situation that could cause inefficiency or damage. Early warnings and safety stops for over- and underloads allow preventive action.

User-friendly and reliable operation

Operation parameters can be set in your own process units – m/sec, tons/hour, cycles/min etc. – making monitoring easier and more reliable. The removable control panel has a copy function for transferring settings to other Emotron VFX units. You can switch between local and remote control by the push of a button on the control panel. The built- in programmable logical functions, comparators and timers mean that, in many cases, external PLC or relays can be avoided.

Available in IP20/21 and IP54 versions

Emotron VFX is available in IP20/21and IP54 versions. The robust metal construction in IP54 version allows you to install your AC drive close to the application, which saves the cost of cabinets and long motor cables. The 300-3,000 A units (IP20 modules) are also available in compact CG-designed IP54 or IP23 cabinets. IP20/21 series 2.5-293 A are optimised for mounting in control cabinets (IP20) or on electrical room walls (IP21, 25-293A). Emotron VFX has a robust and compact design, with easy access to power terminals and an extended temperature range up to 50/55 °C.

Simplified maintenance

Should a process problem occur, a full status report will be generated. You can quickly identify the cause and take corrective measures. Maintenance is simplified thanks to a minimum of easy accessible mechanical parts and fold-out power modules.

Rated Power

0.75-3,000 kW

Rated Current

2.5-3,000 A

Power Requirements

230-480 V, 3-phase, 230-690 V, 3-phase

Protection Class

IP20, IP21, IP54

Certification Available


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