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Emotron VS10 Single & VS30 Three Phase Inverters

Emotron VS10 Single & VS30 Three Phase Inverter’s compact format offers flexible installation and the user-friendly set-up will have your system up-and-running in no time.

Flexibility begins with the compact bookshelf design format, which makes the units easy to install. Systems using the VS10/VS30 are set up quickly, ready to deliver smooth and cost-effective control of your application.

For simplicity, there is a built-in PID controller for process control, and the units have efficiency class IE2 in accordance with EN 50598-2 (from the Ecodesign Directive). Robust motor control is assured thanks to sensor-less vector control. The package can also be enhanced with an optional hot-pluggable control panel.

The VS10 range covers nominal ratings of 0.25-2.2 kW (1-phase 230V). The larger VS30 spans 0.37-7.5 kW (two series; 1/3-phase 230V, 3-phase 400/480 V). The smallest of these IP20-rated units are 60 x 155 x 130 mm, while the largest are only 120 x 275 x 130 mm.


• 150% rated current for 60 seconds, 200% for 3 seconds.
• IP20 Protection Degree
• 5 x Digital Inputs
• 1 x Digital Output
• 1 x Analogue Input
• 1 x Analogue Output
• 0-599Hz Output Frequency
• -10 to 55 Deg C Ambient Temperature range @ 4kHz

Rated Power

VS10 0.25-2.2 kW / 0.33-3.0 hp, VS30-23 0.25-2.2 kW / 0.33-3.0 hp, VS30-40 0.37-7.5 kW / 0.5-10 hp

Rated Current

VS10 1.7-9.6 A, VS30-23 1.7-9.6 A, VS30-40 1.3-16.5 A @400V / 1.1-14 A @480V

Power Requirements

VS10: 1-phase, 190–240V +/-10%, VS30-23: 1/3 phase, 190–240V +/-10%, VS30-40: 3 phase, 380–480V +/-10%

Protection Class

IP20 / NEMA250

Certification Available

CE, cUL, RoHS2, UL

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