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Pump Softstarters Panels

From our standard design Softstarter and Inverter Drive Panel range these 3 Softerstarter panels were built to meet the customers exact requirements, and finished in a custom colour to match their branding.

Panel Specification:

Emotron TSA Softstarter 55KW and 75KW.

IP55 Floor Standing Steel Panel, 1200 x 800 x 400mm, powder coated to colour RAL 7035. Filtered ventilation to meet Softstater cooling requirements.

Door Interlocked Fused Switch Disconnect rated to 200A 3 phase fitted to prevent the panel door being opened without the 3 phase motor supply to the Soft Start being isolated. This isolator features a ‘Test’ mode where the door may be opened with the 230 v AC control circuit remaining Live for commissioning and fault finding in this situation the Live indication lamp will be illuminated.

Lamps for power, fault and motor run indication.

Control Circuit derived from a 415v to 230v AC transformer to create a 230V AC control circuit powering the Emotron SoftStart and panel status indication lamps.

Fault Reset Switch, a two position rotary switch to provide an external fault reset function.

Local and Remote Control,  three position rotary switch to provide a ‘Local / Off / Auto’ control selection.

In the AUTO position the local Start button will be ignored and the motor/pump start signal will be from the DCS only.

In the OFF position the Emotron Soft Start will switch the motor/pump off and the DCS / Local Start buttons will be ignored.

In the LOCAL position the DCS start signal will be ignored and the local Start button will be the sole means of starting the motor/pump.

Communications Interface, The RS485 (Modbus) communications interface for connection to the DCS monitoring network as required for increased remote functionality.

Main features softstarters:

• Integrated bypass
• Direct On Line start
• 3-phase torque control for optimal performance
• Torque control start and stop modes for smooth low-current starts and pump stops without water hammering.
• High capacity dynamic vector braking available for high inertia stopping.
• Coated boards as standard extends lifetime in harsh environments.
• Multilingual control panel.
• Jog forward/reverse with adjustable speed.
• Motor I2t protection and isolated thermistor input as standard. PT100 inputs as option.
• Load monitor function for protection of your load machinery.
• Fulfills EMC First environment-category C2.

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