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Predictive Maintenance – Hawk Measurement Microwave Switch.

World’s First Microwave Switch that can be used to PREDICT  blockage / build-up saving considerable downtime.

Profitably is directly linked to reliably and productivity. This why historically HAWK Gen 3 Microwaves have been installed to reduce downtime from false trip as these switches are able to punch through considerable amount of build up before they trip. Even with the genuine trip the site now have to carry out time consuming task of clearing the blockage, cleaning the chute and starting the belts again. This can take more than 2hrs depending on the blockage and the material.


Preventive maintenance is key to reducing that costly down time. This is where HAWK's industry leading technology takes over.

HAWK has introduced a Smart Amplifier that uses special algorithm and Signal Strength that can be considered directly proportional to the build-up.
PLC can be used to trend signal strength to allow for preventive maintenance. If the signal is continuously dropping it is an indication that the Microwave Sender and Receiver are struggling to communicate with each other which is a sign of build up inside the chute wall. Logic block can be set in the PLC to send an alarm or a relay output can be used when the Signal has dropped too low and the operations team can go check it and take steps before the chute blocks or the Microwaves trip because of build-up.

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