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Open Channel Flow Measurement – Hawk Measurement Sultan Flow

Application Problem:

Open channel flow instruments require accurate measurement of the
surface level of a liquid. A flume, channel or structure which has a
known characteristic flow per measured head, together with the measured
liquid level, accurately define the flow rate through the system.
Traditional systems use a stilling well and pressure level measurement
system to measure the liquid level in the structure. Sedimentation and
buildup will over time cover the sensing part of a pressure measurement
system, leading to inaccurate or completely failed measurement.
Buildup can also block passages to a stilling well, making any level
measurement inaccurate or false. Regular cleaning of measurement
systems and stilling wells is required to ensure operation.


Hawk uses a non-contact Acoustic Wave sensor, positioned directly
over the channel or flow structure, or above the stilling well if required,
to provide maintenance free, reliable measurement of the liquid level.
The Hawk Sultan Flow instrument calculates flow through a range of
standard measurement structures, and can also be individually tailored
to a non-standard flow characteristic. Measurements are temperature
compensated, and sensors are available covering a broad range of
water, waste-water, irrigation and environmental monitoring applications.
Powerful measurement pulses keep sensor facings clean of moisture
and condensation, ensuring maximum performance in all conditions.
Continuous and switched outputs are included, as well as local totalizing
of flow, and the ability to provide pulsing outputs per flow volume to
external counting devices.

Ordering information:

Remote system Amplifier:
Transducer for water applications <2m:
Transducer for water applications 2-5m:
With C04-4 cone.
Transducer for waste water applications:
With C04-4 cone.

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