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Gypsum Powder Silo Level Measurement – Hawk Centurion Guide Wave Radar

Application problem:

Gypsum silos undergo a pyrolysis reaction in an environment which experiences unusually fast corrosion due to both temperature and the presence of an electrolyte solution (CaCl).

Due to both the temperature and the presence of a large agitator the process was deemed unsuitable for ultrasonic measurement and large amounts of suspended dust particles excluded non-contact Radar as an option.

Multiple processes are conducted in the silo with varying moisture content levels and dialectic constant values giving a variety of potential measurable dielectric constants. Other Guided Wave Radars can struggle with dielectric values below 2 when using a single probe (minimum dielectric required to be measured is 1.8)

Due to the presence of added electrolyte liquor also increases the rate of buildup dramatically potentially making measurement difficult.


HAWK’s Centurion Guided Wave Radar design is unique due to its higher sensitivity and narrow pulse width which allows it to consistently detect dielectrics & materials that existing GWR products on the market.

The HAWK CGR uses a unique digitization routine greatly enhancing pulse sensitivity and allowing much more accurate readings at short distances. The routine is also used to inform the unit to ignore significant buildup (many centimeters thick) while still measuring the true level.

The CGR is available with SIL2, HART 7 and multiple hazardous location approvals allowing maximum versatility in many industries.

With the CGR, HAWK has a solution for some of the most difficult continuous level monitoring applications.

Ordering information:

• CGR2H13B08STB15V41XX0400

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