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Crane Collision Protection – Hawk Measurement Microwave Switch

Application problem:

The customer had previously used lanyard rope switches, to protect the boom on stacker/reclaimers, from coming in contact with stockpiles. Lanyard rope switches, require high maintenance support,
to keep them operational. If the lanyard rope is not tensioned properly, the system will not work. Brackets supporting the lanyard rope were frequently bent by the boom coming into contact with
the stockpile.


We used our long range remote microwave switch, one pair each side of the boom, to replace the lanyard rope switch. The beam angle of the sender was sufficiently wide enough for simple calibration and commissioning, as well as compensating for the boom deflection when under load. The microwave is not affected by dust, has a robust construction and maximum range of >100 metres (328 ft).

Ordering information:


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