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Cement Silo Level Detection – Hawk Measurement Admittance Switch

Application problem:

High level alarms were required for cement bins in freezing conditions prone to probe build-up. Vibrating fork style switches suffered from build-up and were not rugged enough for these conditions. One other important thing is that the moisture of the different materials can vary a lot from time to time that is a problem for more traditional types of capacitance switches to work reliable.


Gladiator Smart Admittance switch with 1M flexible cable is an excellent performer in these conditions. It is easy to install and easy to adjust to the right probe length. Configuration requires a simple 1 minute setup. Thanks to the excellent immunity to build-up on the probe, it works even if there is heavy build-up. Some materials can be very dry and the high sensitivity of the
Gladiator Admittance Switch makes it possible to work where other switches would fail.

Some unique features are remote calibration possibilities, remote monitoring and remote press to test facility.

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