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Hawk Measurement TDR Series Guided Wave Radar

Principle of Operation:

Hawk Measurement TDR Series Guided Wave Radar uses pulses of low power microwaves are sent along a cable and is used as a measuring system. At the point where the wave meets the product surface it is reflected by the product. Time of Flight system design & time expansion are used for to measure the distance between the product surface and the sensor mounting position. The intensity of the reflection depends on the dielectric constant of the product. The higher the dielectric constant, the stronger the reflection will be e.g up to 80% reflection for water.

The instrument measures the time between emission and reception of the signal which is proportional to the distance. Products with a dielectric constant equal to or greater than 1.4 will work, which means the reflection from the product surface is used directly for the measurement of the level.

Primary Areas of Application:

  • Chemicals level measurement
  • Petrochemicals level measurement
  • Cement level measurement
  • Building Aggregates level measurement
  • Energy level measurement
  • Food & Beverages level measurement
  • Oil & Gas level measurement
  • Pharmaceuticals level measurement
  • Pulp & Paper level measurement
  • Wastewater level measurement



  • Remote, Integral & Smart versions
  • Up to 35m range (316L cable)
  • Simple setup
  • Auto-Calibration to any dielectric
  • Adjustable Sensitivity
  • Adjustable signal amplification
  • Precise & continuous accuracy
  • 4 wire AC/DC
  • 2 wire loop
  • 4-20mA, HART, Foundation Fieldbus, Profibus PA, Profibus DP DeviceNet, Modbus, GosHawk
  • Protection class IP67, NEMA4x
  • 3G remote communication support
  •  Measures extremely low dielectric (1.4)
  • Programmable fail safe mode

Measurement Range Max

35 Metre (115ft)

Power Requirements

12-30V DC, 90 to 250V ac (50-60Hz)

Transmitter Outputs


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