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I/O Hardware

Industrial I/O hardware used to monitor and control process signals. Including volts, mA, temperature using thermocouples and RTD’s , or switches and digital signals.
Using industry standard communication interfaces Ethernet, Serial RS232 RS422 RS485 using Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP and Profibus protocols.

Field 1000Plus Serial Communication

Field Electronics 1000Plus

Simple, powerful ethernet and serial I/O modules for monitoring and control.
I/O available: Analogue Input, Analogue Output, Digital Input Digital Output.
Versatile inputs: 30 signal type on a single analogue input.

Field 5000 Series Critical Alarm Monitor

Field Electronics 5000 Series

The Field 5000 alarm monitor is design to protect critical machinery and systems with fast response times.

Direct replacement for obsolete Peek, Rosemount, or Thermo instrument models: 4000, 4001, 4002, 4400




Vipa SLIO is a modular and extremely compact control and I/O system. It can be universally combined and deployed with every established VIPA system and nearly all those of other producers.