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Conveyor Protection- Emotron M20 Shaft Power Monitor

Application problem:

The client's conveyors had no monitoring. As a result any blockage lead to large volumes of material backing up on the conveyor until drive motor trips due to thermal overload.

This leads to production downtimes as an intervention is required to clear the backlog.  Excessive mechanical load on the conveyor results in reduced reliability, short equipment lifetime, and increased breakdown time and costs.


We installed M20 Shaft Power Monitors. A simple addition to the drive panel the M20 can be installed quickly due to no requiring any external sensors. By monitoring the motor power supply the M20 uses the motor as the sensor.

While under normal operating conditions, the auto set feature allows the M20 to be set-up at the touch of the button.

The M20 gives an early warning by monitoring the shaft power. When material starts to back up on the conveyor the shaft power increases, at an auto calculated or user defined overload set point the M20 can output a warning signal and shut the conveyor down quickly. By immediately initiating a warning or stopping the process, the monitor minimizes production downtime, prevents equipment damage and eliminates unnecessary wear. Preventive maintenance instead of repairing or replacing damaged equipment saves time and money.

Energy saving: If the conveyor is not loaded with material the M20 can also send an under-load output signal or stop the conveyor. This reduces unnecessary conveyor idling allowing for process optimisation and energy saving.

Ordering information:

Part no: 01-2520-45 - Emotron M20 3x380-500 VAC

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