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Replacing pressure sensors in bitumen tanks with Hawk Centurion Guided Wave Radar.

Application problem:

A manufacturer of Bitumen and Asphalt have successfully installed HAWK Guided Wave Radars in Bitumen tanks. The application is a 40 ton horizontal Bullet shaped Bitumen Tank (3m (9.8ft) diameter x 7.7m (23ft) long).

Historically the site had been monitoring the level using pressure transmitters but had needed to replace them multiple times in the past as they became fouled and stopped working all together.

Further complication existed due to the requirement for a tonnage output and the vessel width not being consistent (due to it being horizontal and cylindrical in shape).


HAWK installed a Centurion Guided Wave Radar (CGR) unit using a solid 316L SS rod. The vessel temperature (140°C / 284°F) causes fouling of the process but was overcome by the HAWK CGR.

The digitization routine built into the CGR produces an accurate and reliable level measurement for the customer by automatically adjusting for the fouling process.

To help make the customer even more successful, the output was linearized with HAWK’s free software, to match the true volume of the tank. This 4-20mA output was then connected to an existing local 2 wire loop powered indicator and provided a reading in tons.

All of these special inputs were all easily conducted over HART via HAWK’s freely available GosHawk Software.

Ordering information:

• Integral Guided Radar with analog (4-20 mA) output and 3m (9.8ft) rod
• CGRH13B08STB15V21XX300

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